How can I fix the ugly armpits of my Fuse/Mixamo avatar?


With my dress finally fixed I’m right back here with a new noob-question concerning my Fuse/Mixamo avatar.

As one can see in the picture it’s got the ugliest armpits in the world - they are located too far outside and let the avatar look like it was practicing some weird round-back-yoga-pose, while I’d rather have it in the classical chest-out-shoulders-back-posture.
What features do I have to address in blender in order to fix this?
(As before) thanx so much for all your help in advance :heart_eyes:


The reason the armpits are bad is due to the topology being created in a Tpose rather than an A pose. An A pose makes more sence as we spend more time with our arms by our sides. Whats happening is the model is sorta pleating as the arms are lowered.
You could try messing with the weigh paint in blender or even the position of the shoulder bones which should improve it a bit. Mixamo auto rig does its best guess with this stuff but to get the best out of it its worth learning and practicing the manual techniques


Oh this sounds good!
Thank you very much!
IT’s probably gonna take me another two weeks but I’m looking forward to try it :wink: