How can I go about creating a custom avatar?


I am a 3D Artist so I am already able to make fully functional custom 3D models/Rigs with blend shapes. My question is: What is the ideal bone structure for a High fidelity avatar? What blend shapes do I need to make? Do they need to be named something specific?

And finally, how do I actually upload an avatar to High Fidelity?


There’s a template skeleton you should use if you want to avoid future headaches. It works well with all of the animations built-in to High Fidelity, although there’s a minor issue with the feet (they appear angled into the ground for some reason in-world). Download link is in the thread below

For blendshapes you can copy the names from the Being Of Light avatar (the default one). Grab that from the Marketplace, and you’ll get a URL to a FST file in your Avatar settings. Download that FST file from your web browser and open it a text file. You’ll see all blendshapes listed on separate lines, but more importantly you’ll also find a URL to the avatar FBX file. Download that FBX, and import it in Blender. You’ll see all the blendshapes you need on it and have the option of testing them so you know what they’re supposed to look like.

P.S. Do not use the Being of Light or its skeleton as a template. It’s only good for testing blendshapes and getting their names.


Being of light is actually allready in your high fidelity installation folder.
In windows you can find it in ‘High Fidelity/resources/meshes/being_of_light/’. The .fst is in ‘meshes’.


I expanded the documentation on blendshapes (as earlier it was just a list) and fixed the feet. Should have added that feedback to the thread

The Being of Light shapekeys are bound through the fst file as naming doesnt dont match the constants currently used by high fidelity, While it is a subject to change, its good to keep in mind:

To avoid having to fiddle around with the fst, I really suggest following the info I made available on the standards :slight_smile: