How can we link the High Fidelity directory webpage in firefox to high fidelity?


Yes, the driectpory is nice, but right now its not inside interface.exe So, we still need copy and paste. Expect that the directory page is going to be implemented inside interface.exe.

But until then, is there a way to link firefox to high fidelity. Sofar i have found you need some file. After that im still puzzled. ANd i think im not alone.


I think you are seeing the lack of registration of the hifi:// protocol to be handled by the Interface (in Windows anyway). That needs to be added to the installer by the HiFi folks.


Hi @Ai_Austin it is getting added in right now and should be complete by the end of the day.


Thanks @chris and @Ai_Austin thats what i found after searching to.


Hi @Ai_Austin and @Richardus it is now added in the latest update.