How can we make Directory's on ATP?


I just did a basic test by just add a empty directory in the asset directory of my sandbox. SHame that did not work.

And we really need directories to keep the choas under control and start seperating textures from the mesh, so it can be reused. Without directories you better not start to build something more then testing. Without directories i could not start testing with seperate textures outside the FBX file.

But how can we make directories ?
I have seen it with the default sandbox content.

Mabye the trick is in the json file ? but then we nee documentation how you add a directory. Yes, the whole ATP need a makeover.


Maybe some HF documentation on the current ATP?


Quick search did not reveal much.
A button “Create Folder” in ATP solves the problem better for the users.


You can’t directly create a directory via a button for ATP, it hashes your upload. But if you import file and tell it to import to [name of new directory]/myfile.js it will indeed create this structure for you; if only on the Interface. If you then remove or delete all of your ATP files that exist in this new directory, the directory will vanish.

Try it.


Extra note, once you have the directory on ATP.
You can select it. when you then upload a new item it appears in that directory.