How can we mute this from the log window ? "DEADLOCK WATCHDOG STATUS:"


This log line “DEADLOCK WATCHDOG STATUS:” is pretty annoying when your testing scripts with print for soem feedback. Because we dont have chat or IM where we can send debug code to.

How can i muite “DEADLOCK WATCHDOG STATUS:” from the log files. It’s spamming my log and pushing the text way to fast up also makes it ahrd to read the lines you need.

Anyway why do we need that message so many times ? Only useles slog inflation !

[05/09 20:10:43] [DEBUG] DEADLOCK WATCHDOG STATUS: lastHeartbeatAge: 115 elapsedMovingAverage: 2 maxElapsed: 999360 maxElapsedAverage: 734 samples: 201564203


To make this annoyance go away: Developer > Timing > Suppress Deadlock Watchdog Status


Hmmmm, this should probably be a default.


Made a PR to remove it altogether


@c I’m still getting this warning spamming the program log (in my own build from latest source) and there’s now no menu item to turn it off.


Are you sure it’s the status? DEADLOCK WATCHDOG STATUS
Because I removed that print altogether so if you still see it on master, I would make sure you’re on latest and do a clean build.


Ah yes, it was one of the other deadlock warning messages … was trigged by visiting Playa by mistake and didn’t go away after teleporting away. Didn’t see it again after 'cos I commented out the warnings in my build : )