How can you reset camera without resetting DDE


Is tehre a way to reset your camera position, but without resetting always the DDE camera position to. It’s pretty annoying that you always need to reset a few times because you look the wrong direction when you reset the camera position back to center.

Best solution would be 2 different keys.


No hotkey for it yet, but there is reset sensors, and then Calibrate cameras


No, thats what i mean. if you reset the sensors. What i need todo much. You reset the DDE camera to. if you look the wrong direction, DDE get reset wrong.

Calibrate camera you almost never need to use.


But reseting sensors resets the DDE camera again, at least for me when moving between screens. You might need to record it for the devs to see what exactly the issue is.


Seems there’s still no hotkey for this function. Also it would be still nice if the look around function where put on the second stick(right on) of the xbox one controller. So you can turn and walk with the left stick and look around with the right stick.

It’s still strange and les ssmooth that you need to grab the mouse and remove your hands from the controller to look up and down or left and right without turning.