How do I completely restore a domain on Cloud


I have just deployed a High Fidelity domain on the cloud option.
I am able to load my models.json.gz ok from the option given in the domain settings page and restore the static objects, but how do I restore the ATP content, server scripts and the domain configuration files?
There doesnt seem to be an option on domain settings page to upload these files and the server wont connect via putty “No supported authentication methods available (server sent:publickey)” and other attempts at transferring files via the Digital Ocean console results in “Denied”. I am currently unable to upload any files.

What does HiFi suggest to place these files in their proper homes on this cloud server so that my domain is complete?


Bumping this because I want to believe this is not a half completed system. Maybe I have missed something.
If there is a way of uploading these critical files I would like to know and I am sure others will be asking this same question soon enough.
I also dont see a way of backing up any of the files
If there is no way of uploading these files and this server being offered is more like an entry level play thing then fine, please spell it out and I can abandon this and move on.
I have deployed many Hifi domains on Digital ocean droplets and have never had issues moving files around, the only thing stopping me from using Digital Ocean on a permenant basis is the need to compile on Ubuntu at every new release.
Is this the solution we have been waiting for or …?


Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to let you know I’m looking into your question now.

Wanted to check if you already took a look at the last link listed on the very end of the docs page that is talking about the cloud domains:


Thank you, as always, for the feedback.

We know that full backup and restore of domains is a complicated process, especially for cloud domains.

We are currently working on a project to make this a far easier process across all High Fidelity domains. As we get closer to the release of the project I will post in the announcements section to provide more details.

I would like to also mention that it is our goal to make it easy for cloud domain owners to have full access to the Droplets backing their cloud domains. We believed that a root password reset via the Digital Ocean console for the Droplet would be an appropriate interim solution for this. Unfortunately the Digital Ocean console is quite difficult to use, even just to reset the root password. After that, SSH access is still not immediately possible because the default SSH configuration requires a public key for security.

We want to make a change to our cloud domains feature to allow users to upload their public key and have us deploy it on the Droplet. This should allow easy SSH access to the Droplets for users who are comfortable doing so. Stay tuned to the forums for more information on this.

Until then, for users like yourself who are comfortable using SSH to connect to a Droplet, I am happy to personally manually upload a public SSH key (that you provide) to your cloud domain.


  • I hope that we can assist you to solve this problem in the short term
  • We are currently working on what we feel is a better solution for backup and restore of domain content and settings


Yes this is what I need. I managed to change the root password from DO’s console but I agree its not a friendly console.
I have connected with @miladn in PM and he offered to help me from there, thank you both for the response and solution.

Yes but this is Digital Oceans standard options for backing up and imaging the entire server, I am ok with that but it doesnt allow me to pull out the JSON or anything. SSH console access is perfect for this.
Thanks again.