How do I fix the Stack Manager and Interface


After changing the settings on my antivirus my system now allows the stack manager to open the Interface.
I can log onto my domain with the stack manager. I am not sure if I have to use the stack manager all the time now to log onto HF and my domain: but If I just log onto the interface with the stack manager turned off my domain is NOT CONNECTED.
So I would like to know what steps I need to take to fix this problem?


Stack Manager “runs” your Domain so if if it is not running, your Domain wont be running
Using Interface alone you could however visit other domains which are ‘up’ eg. Sandbox
and visit/see them
(Hit the enter key and type ‘sandbox’ in location ]

To see your domain, you need to launch your Stack Manager and then launch Interface
In its virgin state you domain appears as empty and shows only a background of stars ,.
If you want something to put in your virgin domain ?
See RHS of screen > Marketplace tab > Click it choose Architecture > Get (something)


I am just wondering if I got my information mixed up. So would it be true to say that once I have bought my domain name my domain is only visible while the stack manager is ruining?
I only ask this because I was told I only needed the stack manager to set up the domain. I was told once I had competed the set up I would not need the stack manager again. That kind off does not make sense yet that is what I have been doing.
I have used the stack manager to fire up the Interface which logs me onto my domain. But if I turn of the stack manager my domain is disconnected.


@dread, I have installed the domain at a VPS. So it is always connected. I must not start the stack manager at my computer, but can go there only with my interface. The domain is running at the VPS. If you have connected your domain with the stack manager at your computer, so yes it is only on, if also your stack manager is running.


For your own domain, that is UP. you need to have the stack-manager running all the time.
Like @summer4me…say, you can do that on (windows) vps.

Am myself almost at the point by moving things from home to vps. More info later.


LOL once again it looks like a lot of the information going around got muddled up and confused.
I would now assume there is nothing wrong with my set up. The only thing I need to know about more is the VPS if I want to leave my domain running if I have to disconnect my computer.