How do I get High Fidelity interface to work with Oculus Rift DK2?


Hey guys. I am really stoked about developing virtual worlds for high fidelity with my Oculus Rift, but can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work. I tried to enable VR mode and enter HMD mode on both direct mode and extend to desktop but none seem to work? Some help here?

Much appreciated.


I had the same issue - latest version of interface (build 2103) - on mac os 10.10.3.


Hi guys. I have used the DK2 and the Leap Motion within Interface a few months ago and it was working flawlessly.

Unfortunately, when I try to use the HMD Tools subwindow the Interface System cannot find the Rift monitor; and the Rift Camera is not displaying the blue led indicator light to acknowledge ‘power-on’



@Captain_Oculus update to the latest Oculus runtime 5.0.1 Beta


Ok, l have not been on HF for some time because I work 12 hour night shifts. So today I saw an Oculus Development Kit for sale in a second hand shop. Like a fool I went ahead and paid £180:00 thinking I had got a bargain. After installing the hardware then following the link to Oculus runtime 5.0.1 Beta I find my hardware is no longer supported by the software.
I thought downloading latest sdk (ovr sdk win 1.11.0 public) would help solve my issue but after extracting the ovr sdk win 1.11.0 public file all I get is what looks like files with in files that need a compiler. There is no application software to run.
So have a reached a dead end with the DK2?


Gosh, that is a good question. I have my DK2 boxed up. The software support for it came and went, and frankly, at the time HF support was iffy. I have not tried to see if it works. Perhaps it is now a museum piece like my Twentieth Anniversary Mac, or the Mac Cube, or my ASUS G73 gamer laptop.

Here is the forums in which Oculus says they’ve abandoned the DK2

If anyone has managed to make any of the older runtimes work with HF interface, please let us know.

It certainly used to .It will tell u it’s unsupported


@subongo I’ve actually only been using a DK2 on High Fidelity and all other VR applications. To make use of it, you need the runtime libraries and not the SDK. The SDK is for application development, which isn’t needed if you just plan to run High Fidelity and other things.

You can get the latest runtime here:

Do note that the system will tell you that the DK2 is not supported, but will function just fine. To operate on older runtimes (for applications that do need them), you can make use of the LibOVR Wrapper.


this is not true in my case. I have already spent the best part of my weekend going around in circles finding a solution to my expensive purchase. There is no longer any support for the unit. I tried to get help while logged onto the HF Friday meeting but everyone was focusing in what worked already and not obsolete hardware.
Though I have tried to get help before on compiling using Microsoft Visual Studios I have never been able to compile.
I was sold hardware that should have been dumped because it is mostly likely to destroy my PC.
I also doubt you have been to
Because this page does all the setting up: it reads "Welcome. Download the Rift’s setup tool to get started in virtual reality. the link even says setup and not Runtime
You have probably confused another one of your head gears for the DK2.
Also your solutions are muddled and make no sense once one has been to the setup page they are no Runtime libraries.
As I am typing this I already have the unit reboxed and I am taking it back. I doubt I will get my money back because they are so greedy for money: The last reply would have helped my case but your reply won’t.


thanks for the reply. It is unfortunate that at the HF meetings little attention is paid to the quite people as we often notice things going wrong long before everybody else. At the preset moment VR does not seem to have a future because the majority of people are just not drawn to VR 3d. At last night’s meeting Phillip asked someone directly how comfortable they were using the headsets to draw or create. And the honest answer most people gave was that they would rather not use the headset.
I kinda dreamt of immersing myself in a 360 degree virtual world but to be honest I find I prefer the RL for that. Sitting down at a bright screen for hours has many detrimental effects on the human body.
But don’t get me wrong m8. We might find a greater use of VR while we are mobile that might have positive and beneficial effects. The latest news I heard on desk jobs is that they are linked to diabetes and obesity.
I would like to see the technology make use less inert. Now that is a worthy challenge.
I guess it will take some lateral thinking for that to happen and when it does we are all going to be kicking our own backsides for not have thought of such a simple idea.


Subongo, anyone wanting to play in the emerging VR technology needs to prepared to burn several thousands of dollars (or other currency). VR tech is in flux. What works today will not work tomorrow. The DK2 is a fine example of abandoned VR tech. The current Vive and Rift units will be obsolete in a year too. Will they too be abandoned?. And, all the hand controllers will be tossed into trash bins soon once he next wave of hand conforming ones are available.

That is how it goes for now. There are no standards, and things are evolving quickly. What matters is whether the software side will commit to supporting older equipment. So far the answer seems to be ‘no’, and that is a problem because that prevents the hand-me-down phenomena where people with lesser means can use that older equipment to gain access to try VR out.

I think this will settle out in a couple of years, or maybe three years once designs solidify and then the economy of scale kicks in to lower costs significantly. In the interim, people wanting to be in this space need to prepare for a yearly commitment of $2000US more or less. It is a rarified community.

In terms of activity, I find the Vive room scale VR to be a great way to keep physical activity up. It’s much better that couch based Rifts. Of course, that wire tether could well launch all that expensive equipment. Wireless is the way to go on that on although I’d prefer a laser link. I’m not keen on microwaves cruising through my cranium. :slight_smile:


I’m very positive that I have a DK2; says Development Kit 2 on it and still have the box it came in. The setup contains the runtime and drivers (and a bunch of other useless things because Oculus), which I had to do a reinstall since I previously ran 0.7 and 0.8 runtimes along with the 1.x series (which made more issues due to the newer and older services trying to start up at the same time which is why I had to do a full reinstall of the runtime and drivers).

Just note that if you want to do room scale stuff, this isn’t possible with the DK2, though you can achieve ‘semi’ full room scale by placing the camera thing (the one with the silver lens) up high on a wall and facing downward. You’ll be limited with about 270* of freedom depending on placement (I’ve yet to try the ceiling but then I may have issues looking down without losing tracking).


I am pretty sure I am going to be right about what I am going to say next. I now honestly think that VR is going to be utilized by future robots and not humans. Someone reading this post that has industry working for them will probably look into that.
What took me to that conclusion is the advent of Industry 4.0. It kind of makes more sense to me to have robots utilize VR than humans.


Recaps the thread
guy asks for help getting a dk2 working with hifi
guy who uses dk2 with hifi explains how he does it
original guy says hes wrong then goes on to explain how vr in the future will be used by robots


Well I returned the unit to the 2nd hand shop I got it from and I got a full refund as the could not find any software that run it. As @Balpien.Hammerer said, "VR tech is in flux"
Even is I had a couple of a hundred thousand £ lying in the bank I would not go and buy equipment that I know will be obsolete with in a year to 5 years.
Before the 2008 Credit Crunch meltdown I had hundreds of not so well of friends on various social networks like Yahoo, IMVU and
Getting people on low pay to use or go back to VWs’ is near impossible nowadays as we prioritize spending from a survivor’s point of view.
None of the people I knew on social networks in 2003 have come back to use them again.


I have a DK-1 I will sell for real cheap :slight_smile: (no robots please)


well dude for some reason most people do not feel that attracted with VR. It seems to have no real purpose when we naturally see the world in 3d. At the moment VR is just another one of those throw away technologys.
I sometimes feel very tempted to go on Amazon or Ebay to buy a VR set: But Im already have IMVU, Sansar and SL and I hardly use them any more. I was going to elaborate on the use of VR in future robotics and entertainment but I now feel I would be selling my soul for nothing in return.