How do I get to my Sandbox?


I have tried several times to get to my sandbox. The menu does not list “Go Home”, only “Visit Sandbox” and leads me to the tutorial. I am signed in and have a place name.



See my reply to the other post
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Sorry. That post was no help. When I click on “visit sandbox”, I wind up at a welcome center.


A sure fire way is to type…, /localhost if you have sandbox running on your pc


Make sure to have download this version:

and not the default one that is not including the sandbox.


OK, tried it for the 6th time…same result!


Have you this in your system tray ?



Yes I do. Takes me to welcome area.


By welcome area, do you mean the sort of mini tutorial zone? If so, that is the default content of the sandbox.

If you look at the title of the interface window does it should say localhost or, if so you should be able to bring up the create menu and start changing/deleting items that you can see. Alternatively, go to the marketplace and choose an environment that will replace everything in your sandbox.


OK, Thank you. I thought that might be the case But I was looking for more substantial answer.:ok_hand: