How do the various options in edit menu work?


I am not able to understand all the edit options in the interface menu, in particular I wonder what is the
select all entities in box and select all entities touching box meaning.
Is there a place where all the menu options are detailed with some useful examples?


Should probably be labeled a bit better.

Select All Entities in Box: Selects all Entities inside the selection box (somewhat in the red box). So if you have two or more entities selected, it will then select all entities between those selected entities.


Select All Entities Touching Box: Selects all entities crossing or touching the Bounding Boxes (orange / yellow) of the current selections.

Auto focus on Select: Checkbox to move the camera to what ever is selected, instead of pressing a button to focus on the selection

Ease Orientation on Focus: Moves & animates (instead of instant teleport of) the camera to the location of the entities when focused on

Hopefully that helps


Thanks @menithal for trying to explain this.
Actually it is still quite confusing. I dont see how to produce “red selections” as in your red box example.
I am using the desktop version no vr, and just selecting an object does only select as in the shanpshot:


Ah shoot I forgot they changed the gizmos since the video.

Generally the logic is the same, the colors are just different. It was much clearer when it was colored:

Select All Entities in Box: In general, the red box is now grey. And when selecting multiple, there are no longer yellow / orange boxes.

Select All Entities Touching Box: what ever you have selected, basically selects what ever is selected around that is intersecting with the entity