How do use my HP Mixed Reality headset with High Fidelity?



I tied to join the Multi-Con today with my HP Mixed Reality (VR) headset, but was unsuccessful. I must be missing something very basic. I’ve searched all over the help and forums but don’t see anything on how to use them to view the HF event. When I plug in the headset (using a HDMI and USB), it launches its standard starting point which is the house on the edge of a cliff. I’ve downloaded and installed the High Fidelity program, but it just opens a separate window and shows the VR in a 2D format. How do I get it to use my HP MR headset as the interface?



Hi Steve,

First, welcome! I can’t help with specifics on the headset, but would recommend using the desktop mode (the 2d version that shows in the window you mentioned) to get assistance from the hifi staff in world. From within the app, there is set of buttons on screen. The button you want is labeled GOTO with a magnifying glass symbol. Click it and then type help in the field. They are helpful and easy to talk with.


Yup, that takes you to the in-world help-desk room. There’s usually one of the HiFi staff there during the daytime at least.


Thanks! I’ll do that a little later today. But in general, is it the case that if you are using a VR headset, that you download a client specific for it? Or do you change a setting in the HF Interface program? I don’t have a Oculus or Vive, but how do you get into the HF “world” using those for instance? Or whatever VR you are using?

I also tried getting in using my Pixel3 XL with Daydream view headset, but apparently the HF app I downloaded from the Google Play Store only supports a 2D view.



AFAIK HP and other MR headsets are supported by Steam, as is High Fidelity. So in theory you should be able to download and run it it via Steam, along with a lot of other VR games designed for HTC Vive/Oculus.


Yes, WMR Headsets all use SteamVR for High Fidelity. Make sure you have SteamVR installed. After that, if your headset is plugged in both the Windows Mixed Reality Portal and SteamVR should start up automatically when you launch the High Fidelity interface.