How do we avoid wrong sized avatars in high fidelity?


How do we avoid wrong sized avatars in high fidelity ?
Im asking this because today my ron avatar where again to big, and im really afraid thing end like secondlife, hugh wrong sized avatars wrong sized buildings. Brrr.

The avatar we now use, are this test avatars and get the replaced later ?


The + / - keys are shortcut for avatar height. Talking about the regular or average scale of avatars, it would help maybe at this early stage to get a welcome area of some kind built that had some scale queues… chairs doorways.



Yes !, know the +/- keys, only problem seems that the ron avatar is default to big. Result everytime when you start a new interface.ini the avatar is to big. I know we get at later point a avatar settings dialog or something like that where you can enter settings that hopefully are not started in the same interface.ini file.

For now i use 0.25 meter voxels as ruler and my door.