How do you close the help screen ? No close button!


Because @ctrlaltdavid talked about blurry fonts in the console hello world. i think check the help page in interface. Because that one where always blurry too. Lucky the font type is good in

But how do you close that window ? There’s no option to close it !


The main annoyance is the fact that you have to drag it to show the close button. you can drag it from the side.


Then your lucky ! i cannot drag it, it’s just stuck in the top left corner of my screen. in can only move the horizontal slider.


If you click on the semi-transparent grey border on the right of the dialog you should be able to drag it down so that the close button is visible.


Aha i see it. when i found by accident a pretty invisible resize arrow. WHy do the make that boreder complete invisible… well 90% then.


We know about the issue of the welcome dialog hiding and we are addressing


@Chris while you’re at it, the edit panel appears beneath the mic mute overlay and you cant click on the entities or properties tabs unless you know to move the mic mute overlay out of the way first.


TL;DR: I’m aware of the window placement issues and I’m working on it. A fix should be coming within the next week.

A lot of the issues here are related to the initial placement of new windows on the screen. I’m working on getting the mechanism right so that most windows and dialogs will remember their previous location and if they have no remember previous location will appear in a reasonable new location on the overlay ‘desktop’. Once it’s done it should be a global fix for all the windows that currently appear with their frame partially obscured in the upper left hand corner.

This global work will also include ensuring that all open elements remain on screen even if the overlay changes resolution or shape.

In the long run I’d like to be able to support either overlay or desktop windows for most of the elements. If you’re editing your domain in 2D mode and you want to drag windows to another monitor you should be able to. The problem here is that while that probably wouldn’t be too hard to support, getting windows to switch from being in the overlay to being on the desktop (or vice versa) when you switch display modes is likely to be tricky.

However, the first step is making sure everything that’s needed can be rendered in the overlay, and once that’s done I can tackle more ambitious ideas like this dual-mode thing.