How do you create a wallet outside of VR?


When I’m in VR, I need to make a wallet … but it’s very difficult to back up your seed phrase or private keys in VR.

I thought I could do it on website outside of VR… but I guess I can’t?

How do I make the wallet on the site?


ok I figured it out … I just have to load the game in desktop mode and do it that way.

There should be a web wallet though.

If you need help making a web wallet, contact me, I can help there.


The thing about the wallet is, like any cryptocurrency, its based on your private key. if you lose access to the private key you will lose access to your wallet. this is not bound, or known by anyone else, but the private key you possess. Its also why transactions you do will be completely irreversable. This key is generated by the client.

You’d need to do something similar to myetherwallet or something where you have to give the browser access to the file inorder to do api looks up with high fidelity’s api. However, this brings its own risks: Allowing something else than high fidelity to access the file, carries its own risks, and can result you losing all the contents of the wallet: Basically if your private key is unlocked, and becomes public, anyone can grab that cash in that wallet. If you do something like that, you have to allow people to download and run a stand alone version and have the code open for scrutiny.

The API for the HFC also which High Fidelity uses is also currently not documented and no source is available for it if you look around. You will need to do a whole bunch of reverse engineering to get it to work.

Best way is to wait till they do implement a standalone client, and open up the apis for look throughs.


Semi-related question: I built my wallet in VR and was told that I would have a file either saved somewhere or available outside of VR mode to access and store my private keys, but was never given such a window or prompt. Where can I access my private key to put it in a safe place?


HiFi default path: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity\Interface

The file itself is called: HIFI-USERNAME.hifikey

Make sure to backup the earliest version (the first key issued) & also never forget your passphrase :wink:


Still not a lover from bitcoins or crypto value.

But can we create the wallet outside high fidelity in a normal readable screen, web browser ?. Not in the high fidelity tablet ?