How do you move a mesh object in javascript


Javascript is not so bad, enough documentation and it feels like older times.
But javascript + High Fidelity still let me stair into the dark, just because the god documention still need to be made. tried to look at edit models. But that did not gave me more points.

How do you move a mesh object in javascript ?
SMall simple examples are for me always most usefull, like you see on the sl lsl wiki.


Study editModels.js to find the answer. There are several steps to consider.


Tried that already, but the code have to much functionality to work as example for only one thing moving a mesh object. Good example do only 1 thing. like the button example before, that worked fine.


editModelExample.js is much simpler to understand.
Pay attention in particular to Entities.addEntity(), Entities.editEntity(), Entities.deleteEntity()


editModelExample.js doesnt seem to be working since the refactor.

I get this message in consol

UNEXPECTED!!! EntityTree::updateEntity() entityID doesn’t exist!!! entityID= [ id: QUuid("{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}") , creatorTokenID: 0 , isKnownID: false ]

Model never appears, I have the same issue with my scripts.

entityID doesnt exist!!!


@thoys have looked into it, you need to change around line 24 and add type: “Model”, so it looks like this.

var originalProperties = {
    type: “Model”,
    position: { x: 128.0,


You are a champion @Richardus