How Do You Text Chat?


I was at the meetup earlier and Chris said to click on people’s name in chat to follow them. Everyone left and I had no clue how to get the chat window up. This wasn’t Chris’ fault, I should have asked.

I did figure out that you could go to someone’s name later on, and that worked fine. Also someone came back after the visit and talked to me, so I wasn’t all alone!

However I’ve read the info and it says to hit enter to open chat, but nothing happens when I try that, how do you get chat and names up? Sorry for the really noob question.


Hi @Ciaran_Laval , apologies for leaving you stranded. You can hit the ‘enter’ key, if that is not working you can go to tools>chat to bring it up.


Hi Chris, there was no tools chat on my Mac, is this because I built the client from GitHub on my Mac rather than downloaded the latest version?


You should try the download to see if you have the same issue.


Hi Chris, that has fixed the issue, I can now see chat under the tools menu. I did originally try and build the client some months ago so I now believe when I finally got the client working I had built it with old code.

I was so proud of myself for building the client too!


Ok I figured out the problem. Admittedly it’s a schoolboy error on my part. I had not installed QXmpp when I built my client. Which is a rather important component if you want to text chat.