How Many Have? - A thread on hardware


I wanted to open this thread to get a count of folks that have VR hardware. I specifically wanted to know the number of users currently operating with Vive ‘Puck’ sensors or real-time mocap solutions. Anyone interested in the below offer must at a minimum have an HMD with proprietary hand controllers. HMD with Leap motion will be considered…

I am searching for a number of people that are willing to operate as a ‘virtual employee’ upon a domain not yet released to the public. Prior to public release, NDA would need to be signed and a meet and great conducted. Offer not valid to high fidelity inc employees or affiliate 3rd parties.

Standing room VR not required but encouraged!


Sounds cool! Can’t wait to hear about it!


I have VR hardware (Full vive setup) a 2 1/2 - 3 meter x 2 1/3 - 3 meter movable space, full green screen support on two of the lengths of the walls.


I have Vive, TPCast, 5 Vive Trackers and 10’x10’ playspace and would love to be of service!



Anyone else out there with sensors?


Not yet - still waiting for the Xmas offer (i.e. reasonable pricing)…


Nothing yet. I had intentions of poking with the Vive Trackers but missed my window to get them. I do know someone who was working with the Kinect for full body tracking and while it’s slowly becoming “Poorception Neuron Forever,” I do have my own mocap solution in the works.


I have an Oculus Rift rig with the 2 hand controllers and 3 oculus sensors set up. No trackers. I have a fairly good sized play space in my studio for standing in world explorations.



Just wanted to toss out a friendly reminder about this.



Now that the holidays are over - just wanted to let you know I’m available to give you a hand with your project.


This is a more ideal version of setup I’m looking for. Have you any experience broadcasting a feed of your activity while simultaneously participating in said activity?

In plain English;

2 years ago I was able to broadcast a live performance of @KevinMThomas and his band into a ‘live’ performance of Kevin playing the same gig on my Virtual world. The key to the ‘special sauce’ we can walk you through, but as The Merovingian says, “…but it is always best to ask…”