How many people use hf without vr glasses?


and, how important is it for developers to have vr glasses right now?


Can’t talk for other people, but if it wasn’t for VR, i wouldn’t be here.

I suppose we can make a script to monitor that on a domain. But I guess that would not be very accurate, since there are people that do both.


It’s doable and could still provide information, since your desired information is “Is in VR?”

User walks in and chimes a script. This adds 1 to the visitor count. We then check if they’re in Desktop mode. If they are not, they must be in VR mode, so we can add another 1 to the VR count. Simply compare the number of visitors to the number in VR.

Of course, this isn’t very accurate without some kind of tracing of the user information itself (IP,username,etc) and keeping the data secured, so let’s do another thing:

Take the username/IP/your favorite form of ID here and hash it into some kind of table. We only care about if that person EVER adds something to our penny jars, so if they EVER raise the “not in desktop” flag, we just give them a point. We don’t need to know WHO they are, just that they are a person (so the table, if ever compromised, is useless to any would be leaker since it’s just yes/no on a hashed username, which is already public data and the hash cannot go backwards to denote a user having been in VR before). This would produce more accurate results.