How SHINY Works For Me (Blender Modeling)


Thanks to all @Judas @AlphaVersionD @Menithal @sam and many more for the tutorials regarding texturing in the latest build.

I have found to make “Shiny” I use the following settings in Blender for a pure White (255, 255, 255) png image.
Materials Window:
Diffuse WHITE
Intensity 0.25
Hardness 250
Texture Window:
White PNG Texture
Check Diffuse: Color 1.0
Check Specular: Intensity 1.0


You dont even need to set a texture for the shinyness, just set the Diffuse and Specular color white (to make it metal, otherwise black) then set the Specular Roughness to 250.
As of the moment your Specular Color (Metallicness) simply is overriden by the texture, while color is a multiplied by the Diffuse Color value (as specified in sam’s notes).

So values you can simply use to make a shiny material, is simply set:

Diffuse Color: White
Intensity: 0.25
Specular Color: White
Specular Hardness 250

if Hardness if made larger than 256, it will become reflective instead. (this is 50% grey for the Roughness texture map, if applied to the Specular Roughness Texture Map)


Thanks @Menithal I just pulled the texture and updated your suggestions as follows.


Thats looking really good o.0 who remade it all for u properly?


It’s my advanced understanding of math and science you wouldn’t understand @Judas


Reflective learning innit