How to add a WebWindow to appear on the faces of an entity?


Is it possible to add a WebWindow on the faces of an entity? For example, the entity will be a plane with one visible face with the normals set in the direction of Z and the Avatar sees a webpage appearing before them in world?

I have tried to attach the following code to an entity and it crashes every time as it perhaps creating an infinite loop:


this.clickDownOnEntity = function(entityID, mouseEvent) {
    var webviewer = new WebWindow('KevinTown', "", 100, 100); webviewer.setVisible(true);
    } })


Same here.
Calling WebWindow inside entity script makes my interface crash.

My guess that regular script knows some thing about who is running it and this gives it an ability to pop-up a WebWindow, while entity script does not have such access but tries anyway.

I’m actually interested in opening WebWindow  as pop up when clicking entities, but it would be also cool to have an ability to embed a web page on  a surface of a box, and bring all sorts of things that already on the web.

So, if there a way to quick fix current js code to make WebWindow work from entity script - please share.


@KevinMThomas , at the moment there is no way to add a web window to the face of an entity.


@chris Is this on the agenda, though ?


@Adin yes it is. We are currently not working on it. If you wanted to work on it, that would be awesome


I could give it a try. Any hints on where to start ? I only did some basic work with entities so far.


@Adin this job is now on the worklist I am happy to say.

please check out