How to animate a texture


Hi, I’m looking for a solution to animate a texture. I saw on some places, that entities had a motion on its surface, the water at franny for example:

I would like to learn, how to make this, thank you :slight_smile:


Currently, no animated textures are supported by default.

However, if you have the ability and source, you can create Shaders which do so. however thats more advance topic


Ah, I see - it’s pity. Thought I could simulate water this way. Thanks anyway for your reply, @Menithal :slight_smile: have a nice sunday.


There is a roundabout way to simulate water for things like well-behaved streams – basically you put a tank track into a blender and liquefy the treads.

A stretch of river for example could be approximated by having just the topside above ground:

(and the underbelly allowed to simply exist out of sight below).

What’s cool about using a continuous loop is that just one complete rotation is needed to have a seamless flow of water.

If interested there are YouTube tutorials that start from the default Blender cube and arrive at having animated tracks along a curve (only one track itself is needed, so sections about rigging bogies etc. become optional):


Ahh, cool - this way they made the ‘flowing syrup’ at Minigolf. Thanks for this hint @humbletim, I will try to build it so.