How to change voxel color to red or other non preset color


Just curious, cannot find a way here. how do you all change voxel colors. the 9 in the preset work fine, but what if you want to use red. other different color.

How to change voxel color to red or other non preset color


Was wondering the same thing, I have figure out though that you can use the color picker to swap your currently selected color with a voxel that’s already another non-preset color.


You can do something like John said by using the colour picker, you can also edit the editvoxels.js script by changing the numeric values in the red blue and green… open up Photoshop or something like that and use the colour picker to select the colours you want, you should see the red,blue, green numbers. use them 3 different numbers and put them into the section of the script for each colour slot. upload the script then to HiFi and run it, you should have a differint colour palette.

Thats what i done anyway to get some extra colours… One of the guys on here created a script that generates a whole range of colours, im not sure what the name of the script is… But you can find the editvoxels.js and a whole lot more here.


@Richardus @John_Laury
Hi, yeah I created a script that creates a menu from which you can generate a full spectrum palette of voxels in front of you, you can then use the color picker to load which colors you want in the UI palette,

The script is called colorPaletteMenu.js
see here for the forum post

get the script from here


A ago I managed to use the eye dropper to pick up a colour, put it in my palette and use that to recolour a voxel with the paintbrush icon tool.

ButI cannot now recall how I did that, and all things I try fail. the colour in number 1 position just adopts the colour of the voxel I touch (on Windows).

Anyone know where instructions are to do this. it means the GUI is certainly not obvious.


@Be_Austin make sure you select one of the other color slots from 2 on, number one is not used for this, number one is used when you want to duplicate whichever color you click on (fixing problems with holes, it will just put a voxel of the same color that you clicked on).

Select slot number 2, then choose the eyedropper, pick a color and that color will be put into slot 2, remember to switch from dropper tool to something else.


Thanks for the reminder @Adrian. Works a treat now I realise its a two step project like that. Bit awkward to remember and use for later more general use though I suggest.


@Be_Austin you could also modify the editvoxels.js script and make a color palette to suit your particular needs. The defaults are using a basic RGB

var colors = new Array();
colors[0] = { red: 120, green: 181, blue: 126 };
colors[1] = { red: 75, green: 155, blue: 103 };
colors[2] = { red: 56, green: 132, blue: 86 };
colors[3] = { red: 83, green: 211, blue: 83 };
colors[4] = { red: 236, green: 174, blue: 0 };
colors[5] = { red: 234, green: 133, blue: 0 };
colors[6] = { red: 211, green: 115, blue: 0 };
colors[7] = { red: 48, green: 116, blue: 119 };
colors[8] = { red: 36, green: 64, blue: 64 };