How to: Create recordings and play them back from your AC's


This video demonstrates how to create a recording and play it back in three different ways.

  1. Basic: Create and run locally
  2. Intermediate: Running recordings from an AC
  3. Advanced: Running recordings as a Director.

Some of the areas that I mentioned:

Help needed in developing NPC buttler: recording actions and then playing them back triggered by zones etc
That took some finding

I just tried it and well only partially got it working, i think a few changes have happened, I don’t think u need the command window to run assignments now those you start by name in the domain server.
i made a recording uploaded it to my server
used the url from my avatar which i used also for the rig
put in the location I wanted it
the avatar appeared but the animation didn’t play is my version of the script, if anyone can see where i messed up would be helpful.

Id love it if i could just drop the recordings hfr file straight into the avatar in world , the same way i can with a fbx animation


Remove the “L” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well on line 13 you are missing the proper url as yours is

var filename = "";

When it needs to be:

var filename = "";


aha thank u @Coal well spotted ,works now u genius

Oh i had to change  “if (count == 0” to one b4 the assignment client would let it work    
  if (count == 0) {


Hey I just work to fill in the blanks! :wink:

Also yeah it requires triple = to compare to zero.

if (count === 0) { something; }

I did not run it, I was just looking for simple answers for you and I knew a 404 (not found) would definitely throw you an error.

Glad you got it to work for you @Judas


This is amazing.
Honestly, I can’t believe it.


I had to come back and say it again…
Oh, the potential…!