How to dance with entire AV?


I dropped by Rust after today’s stress test. There was a dog in a suit dancing using hands/feet/body, etc. The best I could muster was to swing my hands and sway a bit :slight_smile:

Are dance animations available? Does the ability to control all parts of the AV depend on which avatar you’ve got?

Note: I use Vive


I’m sorry u had to meet @Maddog:)
If you’re in vr to dance u have to dance
In desktop mode in rust u can click the coloured squares along the front edge of the stage


If in VR, you would have to actually dance.

Photo credit to Davwyn Edward

To do this, you’ll need to harness the power of the Vive Trackers. With two, you can track your feet’s positions (assuming you have a strep to put the trackers on). With a third, you can track your hips (meaning that you can actually crouch and lift your legs, along with other stuff). Three trackers is pretty much near full body tracking to the point that the remaining points are just extra detail.

Four trackers will track your chest’s position. This means you can turn your head, but not your body (since your hips are still being tracked). Five trackers will grant you the ability to place the trackers on your shoulders instead for shoulder tracking. This means you can shrug and have slightly improved arm IK (or basically the system has a better idea where your arms are actually going).

Since you have a Vive, you are already set on compatibility. Each tracker requires an additional USB port (the headset can only track two Vive devices, which are normally your hand controllers), but you can solve this with a cheap but effective Amazon Basic Hub. Furthermore, each tracker costs $99, so for basic tracking, you would need minimally $200, $300 for hip tracking, $400 for full body tracking, and $500 for VR God Mode.

For most other things involving the trackers, High Fidelity released a video awhile back.


I would like to add, there is currently a 5 sensor limit that is somehow not shown in the High Fidelity documentation. They have listed the possibility of using 5 as: Hands (2) Feet (2) Hips(1) and Head(1) but last I counted, that is 6, and 6 doesn’t work. I’ve had up to 10 trackers at one time in order to find this upper limit.

For High Fidelity; 5 is the magic number…

My Studio is going to be completed with a version 1 prototype mocap suit sometime in October. We are very excited for next year! Also, @Roxie have you tried any familiar dance moves with the trackers? I’m intending on not only providing a place for merchants, but also dance troupes, dojos, yogis, etc, to do in-world experiences for users that are interested. I reach out to you, as we are putting together a list of traditional belly-dance costumes that DO and DO NOT work very well with this system. The harem pants, are (sort of) ok, but as can be noted when she extends her leg, we have an occlusion situation. In the next few weeks, we will conduct this same experiment in the new Studio space with a Flow Avatar.


I intend to test version 2 of the tracker sensors in a large space with a Vive Pro and the wireless hardware. We’re going B2B with some of our offerings. At that time, if we are successful; I will be offering my 10 version 1 trackers at a VERY GENEROUS DISCOUNT

Stay tuned…


Regarding the limit, are you sure? I know the limit is 5, but that’d be just on the trackers:

  • Only feet: 2 Vive trackers.
  • Feet and hips: 3 Vive trackers.
  • Feet, hips and chest: 4 Vive trackers.
  • Feet, hips and shoulders: 5 Vive trackers.

However, the alternative set up would be:

  • 1 Tracker for the head (has someone done this?)
  • 2 Trackers for hands
  • 3 Trackers for hands & head or feet & head
  • 4 Trackers for feet, hips, & head or feet & hands
  • 5 Trackers for feet, hips, chest, & heador feet, hips, hands, & head

The first set is the usual setup. The second set I’m not sure how they are accessed.

As for the setup with 10 trackers, High Fidelity can access up to 16 trackers. Why 16? Technically they can be accessed via scripting and bound to objects. This means you could put them on props and have them be positioned exactly in VR as they are in the real world.


Wow, that’s cool.
I’ve not any dance with trackers, although this may motivate me as we’ve some trackers at work.

As far as traditional belly dance costumes, most are long and would have foot occlusal problems (harem pants, circle skirts, etc.) Some people do occasionally dance in a shorter (knee length) skirt, though. You loose the flowiness of the skirt if you do that, so spins and leg sweeps are not as interesting, but a good dancer can make up for that.

FWIW, in a mocap studio situation where I’m only performing for a virtual crowd, I’d just wear yoga pants, a hip scarf (with coins), a sport bra, and dance sandals. Plenty good for capture and most of us out here where I am practice like that anyway (well, I usually go barefoot.)


Count me in for the slam dancing part :wink:
Also I‘d be interested in learning some classical dance moves, as - up to now - I can only do cha-cha-cha :purple_heart: :dancer: :sunglasses:



This is 6 dude. Count again. :smiley:


Wait, that’s from the docs page itself… so that’s the only instance of it being more than 5… I wonder why it’s set to that when it can use up to 16 trackers. If it can address all that, then being able to bind more trackers to more key points should just be as simple as how I got my social head script working, which sends IK data to the head to create smooth animations.


Our thoughts exactly. If you (or anyone) rewatches the video I posted, there are times where the dancers leg is bent or not-bent; and the avatar will behave oddly due to the IK system trying it’s best to figure things out. If we had the ability to put a tracker just above the knee… I’m certain this would alleviate the issue.

Worklist anyone?


Mixamo has an animation that looks exactly like what he was doing. So, the question now is - how to activate (or deactivate) the Mixamo animations.