How to delete account and start again? New Avatar etc


Hello. So i screwed up with my wallet and the passpharase. In order to continue all i can think to do is start over with a new account and avatar. But… i cant use my email address! ‘Email already taken’.
Any clues to how i might get back into HF again and with the money issue sorted, good to go?
i cant find ‘delete account’ anywhere :confused:


You can create a new wallet without creating a new account. The wallet and what ever items you own is completely separate from your account, and instead belong to the wallet.

If you cannot access your old one and want to create a new wallet, you can delete it at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity\Interface where the file is named : HIFI-USERNAME.hifikey

Just delete that file, restart high fidelity and you will be propmted upon opening the wallet again to create a new one



oh! thanks so much! i didn’t think of this… regards