How to disable ctrl-F on the forum pages?


How can i disable CTRL-F on this forum ?
Because CTRL-F is the find option in firefox. but now it opens the find in high fidelity i not want to use, because the forum find cannot search inside a yopic for some text.

Please change the key or tell me how to kill it. It makes the forum harder to use.


This is something that’s been happening in Discourse, this forum’s platform, for quite some time. I was able to replicate it in Firefox, but Chrome seems to be better. Discourse devs had a discussion about it here:

I’m afraid they’ve decided it’s a wontfix. :-/ Sorry!


That’s very bad, the problem is going around for long time, and you cannot search easy on the forum. I would say it’s fixable. just change the key from the common used CTRL-F to a key that is not used by software for find. Or just remove it, becuase it’s compete useless on the forum.

There’s a search bar top right. why a shortcut key ?


Well, at least you can still get to Firefox’s Find function by going to Edit > Find in the dropdown in Firefox. But, yeah, I hate it when websites hijack basic shortcuts like that for their own purposes. Twitter’s webpage hijacks it, too. oO


I placed a mini button on the button. but pretty sure i forgot that. not really a button clicker in the webbrowser for something like search. except on webpages because the never use shortcut’s. except hifi use annoying one that you not need at all.

On tablet ctrl-f anyway dont work.