How to do that?


Hi !

Philip’s show recorded at
is really impressive.

Especially concerning the setup. I know several people who would like TO HAVE INFOS about how to reproduce such setup.

Looks like equipment used by Philip is described inside his talk there. For video viewing and sharing one’s desktop, probably the web entity and the VNC solution described in a blog post, can be used.

Main issue for us would be to know: what is the easiest, but functional, way for a connected user to perform plain old POWERPOINT slideshow presentation in-world (in HIFi) ?

Of course we can imagine solutions like the ones from the “old VR worlds”, often used by platforms like SL and Opensim:

  • generating pics from all PPT slides, and displaying them through some script (painfull…)
  • using a web entity and slideshare app (with limitations…)
  • inserting a PDF viewer and using it in-world (not sure that’s possible in HiFi at this time ?)

Please let the poor VR guys we are know: what is the way to go for displaying PPT slideshows in HiFi worlds as easy and as functional as possible ?

We think this is critical for HiFi adoption !

Please answer …


interesting anyone to use slides in HiFi ?:innocent:


Mabye philip used powerpoint online ?


Who knows … thèse guys do not shared much. Others VW communites have main staff that shared more


It’s certainly proportional to the size of the staff.


Hi Michel, did you discover anything about this topic? I’m very interested in learning more about this!