How to duplicate entity ALT-D does not work


In the past we could duplicate object with ALT-D. That where already a bad choice. But it seems to work not anymore. The only thing that happens when i press ALT+D is that ny avatar is turning.

So how do you duplicate object now ?

ADD: not sure how but the entity is duplicated.
Also the the combination ALT+D isf that still works is bad. iand i warned for that in the past. Still like to know how to duplicate.

If it’s really ALT-D the need to change it. or disable WASD


Today, there is the green knob on the entity to duplicate it.


I see. not on the most easy place to reach if the entity is thin.
But i hope that whole way it’s done now is replaced soon for something better.


Now i still don’t know the shortcut key for duplication. it’s 200% more easy to use that then try to grab a green dot that’s outside your view and squeezed between other dots.

Hope it’s geeting easy duplication back like secondlife.
Hope high fidelity get a build tool soon that works normal. Like to try thngs. But the build tool is one of the things that did pushed me away from high fidelity. And right now nothing is changed.

I hear good things about new tool. :sunglasses:


I found by accident the key combination back to dulpicate.
You need to press CTRL+ALT and then drag.

So that’s one problem solved 998 left. :grin: