How to find entitiy that's further away then 50 meters?


The entities tool still not have a distance slider. SO i forgot to make a bookmark, because i would think i can use the edit tool to find the entitiy. That seems wrong because it’s limited to 50 meters.


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker you can modify the script to be whatever you want.

  • In edit.js there is a link to the file “libraries/entitylist.js” (line: 29)
  • Within entitylist.js , line 36 specifies the radius to search for models. You can change ‘100’ to what ever you want. Just make sure that you correctly reference your new file when you make changes.



Ok. It’s mabye idea if we have input field in edit tools at the grid tab where we can adjust the distance if needed ?

Easy to say then done, entitylist.js is not appearing in the script editor so you can save it to disk.

Found the script finaly back at weird place. why are scripts placed under documents and not in thew high fidelity map where you look for it. High fidelity have files to much spread around your computer.

Program on other partition.
part is in user/local
other part in roaming
and now a part in documents.

Documents is realy the latest place after the world would have exploded before i look there. Never used that I just want everything at one palce, because that logic. or give us the option to move it to othe rpartion away from the terrible C: drive.

At least i have my list with objects, seems there are some other things laying around on my domain too.


Sounds like a good worklist project.


Where not sure in the first case, did made the worklist now.

Because it’s also usefull if you can make the scan area smaller when your inside a building with lot’s of small objects. but bigger is good too to find entities back in large open area,