How to fix protocol version mistmatch



I have hifi installed on a server with Ubuntu Trusty. I install it from “” and it’s up to date. I use the most recent Mac Os Interface version to connect to it. What can I do to fix this error message :

Protocol version mistmatch - Domain version 333

I’ve been able to connect to my server for a long time. It’s only since the last days that I have this problem.

Thank you


After an upgrade on my server, the domain version has changes and is now 338.


I’m running interface Beta 5111 on Win7 and the domain/assignment client on Ubuntu Wiley box.

I also get a protocol version mismatch if I connect to the master branch of hifi.

But I can connect to the stable branch domain/assignment client. I use the following git command to clone the stable branch for compilation:

git clone -b stable --single-branch


After other upgrades on my server and of Interface, the problem is fixed. Thank you :slight_smile: