How to fly without teleporting using Vive?


I’ve looked through the menus and the documentation online, and can’t for the life of me figure out how one would move the avatar straight up or down, especially in cases where you get stuck. In keyboard mode it’s easy enough, you just jump up and hang there. It looks like you used to be able to do this with the Vive controller thumbpads before teleporting mode was enabled (see, but now all the thumb pads do is teleport you, which I think is a very stressful way to move around. So, maybe I have two questions:

  1. Let’s assume teleporting is here to stay. How do I translate my avatar straight up or down? How do I jump?
  2. Can I remap the thumb pads to translate and rotate in 3D somehow?


I should add that there are so few buttons on the Vive controllers, and there’s duplicative functions both back to the SteamVR interface but also to pull up the tablet in the client. There’s no need for this, and the controls should be both better optimized as well as customizable. I assume there’s some Javascript way to do this, but I haven’t started digging in yet. In the meantime, moving around is a bit of a bear with the Vive, and movement appears very unnatural with people teleporting around. Effort has clearly been put into inverse kinematics for walking cues extracted from the Vive mocap feed and [ideally] controller inputs, but it’s really not being taken advantage of except via the less encouraged keyboard interface and for small movements where a user is shifting around in their local workspace.


from desktop: Settings > Advanced Movement For Hand Controllers
from HMD: Menu > Settings > Advanced Movement For Hand Controllers

Then make sure that option is checked.

You can also turn off snap movement by going to:
Desktop: Settings > Avatar > Snap Turn When In HMD
HMD: Menu > Settings > Avatar > Snap Turn When In HMD

Then uncheck the option.

After which you can fly by holding up on he right controller thumb pad.


That is so much better, thank you. Not sure why that’s considered ‘advanced movement’ instead of the default, it’s so much more intuitive. Same with turning off snapping, it really makes the environment seem much more immersive. Also, I can’t seem to find this is any of the documentation, especially the tiny little paragraph about how to use the Vive controllers, so it’s really hard for people to discover this.