How to go to the bank?

My RL can use a little bit extra money. So am thinking of cash some hfc out.

But how do you do that, in european time zone ?
And how if the bank is gone since hifi closed domains ?

Official details are here

It seems the bank is quite busy at moment, so probably a bit of a wait for an appointment. Next available is currently 25th April.

As far as timezone goes, just keep clicking different days till you find a time that suits. The booking calendar tries it’s best to show in your local timezone.

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It seems a little silly to me. I had 2 appointments, the first one was shifted, at the second one I was told in-world that unfortunately something would not work, and we had to make another appointment. That was the last time. For a high-tech company like HF it should be possible to handle such matters online, i.e. via the website. An appointment where two avatars have to meet at a time weeks in the future is - for me - not acceptable.

It would have been nice if the used the more clear 24h clock. not that AM/PM rubish that makes converting things only harder.

11:30pm confuse me right now must be 11:30 RL time , or do i need to add the +2 still manual.

So confused and skipping thing antil more clear.

I think that’s just how the hubspot appointment system works. You can change displayed timezone so you don’t need to convert manually though, just click on the displayed timezone to search for a different one:


Can we not have some cashout without the bank and appointment stuff. i looked at the -7 time zone (SLT i think) But really all time are terrible times to pick.

Why does it need to be so complex ?

Thanks for help. i booked appointment at the bank. And crossing fingers that i really converted the time correct to localtime. (still need to wait 2 weeks)

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i haven’t played this “game” yet. It does seem odd that to play a game you need a bank… and an appointment? fuck me it is starting to sound like real life…

i’m a game designer so i get it too a degree. but it makes me sad that it seems we are just running away from our real lives to do the same thing in this virtual life

just seems… well sad really

what can i say though i haven’t even figured out how to download it yet. It just seems really odd that a free and open source system is running a bank? For one, after reading how to create an avatar it advises you to use Adobe Fuse as your creation system. Which expressly forbids selling their models… just curious about that. And I still am not able to download. Is there a secret word or something?