How to import an .fbx to HF from an external URL


Can’t seem to figure this out. @chris @Judas @ctrlaltdavid pinging the usual folks as the import method isn’t working for me…

I’m likely doing something wrong, as we’ve seen in the past; but something this straightforward shouldn’t take long to figure out. Let’s give the newer Alphas the best chance at success. Pointers? Thoughts?


@Captain_Oculus , I just tried it and it worked

What is happening when you try? Go to ‘sandbox’ and add from there.



Works for me in sandbox also. Now we have a much bigger problem I fear. Could it be my version of Stack? Or latency on my hosting plan? Kinda lost with ‘next troubleshooting steps’


@Captain_Oculus have you updated to the latest stack manager? If you restart the stack manager it will pick up the changes. Also, if your domain is publicly accessible, send me the link and I will try.



Yes sir, the Stack reboot was done, but no fix. The link to the .fbx is above, the domain directory */HighFidelity/QueenCity/ is read-only for normal reasons. The .fbx itself is located above.


Nailed. Not sure how or why, but it is working again.


Not sure about that purple cube. but it looks alive. :smile: