How to import an object with its position and rotation?


The edit panel for object is relatively complex to use.
After one hour of use, I still don’t know how to use it properly !
Moreover, the selection of objects, with a simple click of the mouse, isn’t really easy (It’s even an adventure)

I have given up using this interface which I find unsuitable for handling simple objects, such as cubes or spheres.
On the bottom, I don’t criticize globally this interface which may be admirably adapted to other types of manipulation.
In general, I don’t feel very comfortable in a domain of High Fidelity, while I have a real sense of freedom in a sim of Second Life.
However, I will not judge High Fidelity through this interface.
In fact, I am considering another method to create simple objects like cubes or spheres without using the interface.

So my question is:
In Second Life, when exporting a prim for example, the xml file that is created contains the description of the object, but also its cartesian coordinates and its global rotation.

In High Fidelity, when importing an object from a file, can we also import its position and rotation ?

Also, how to export and import objects in the local sandbox ?
( I know my question is very basic but the interface is so mediocre that I have to ask ! )


My first idea is to create a floating palette in python, to generate elementary shapes for High Fidelity, with all the characteristics that interest me, to then import these objects into my sandbox.
Thus, I will no longer need to use the windows of the interface.


There is an alternative edit and inspect script available from @ctrlaltdavid wich is similar to the edit and cam control of SL. I use them both, the original edit from the interface and that from David.

Maybe that helps a little


This is much noted, should hifi be exactly like secondlife?
No it shoudln’t sl users like it and think its good because they have all been playing it a decade. I can find the toilet in my house in the dark. dosent make my house a good design i just lived here along time.
I still feel were fumbling about in the dark a bit with vr editing


But it could have a bit more secondlife style at some parts.
Why are the telling us it’s a platform. when basic things like chat and IM and a good placement tool are still missing or good for a few screams ?

High Fidelity is still much out of balance, to call it a platform.

Btw. It does sound like it’s not better in sansar.


It’s very easy to open Blender to create basic shapes and then import them into HF.
But do you think that whenever we wants to create an elementary shape, we will take off our 3D-VR-Glasses to work in Blender, then put them back to go to HF and vice versa ?
Either we are in Blender or we are in HF, but not everywhere at the same time !
The creation in a virtual world has the principal advantage of creating and communicating simultaneously with others gamers.


Desktop !
But your right, try to program something for HMD, drives you nuts.
Same problem as making something in blender. but that you just do in desktop mode. And scripting you really need todo in both. Unless we get soem HTC vive controller emulator.


Not sure when you started to drink the Koolaid :yum: but the entity editing UX sucks mightily. It the worst user experience I’ve seen. And it contains most of the industry known errors on user interfaces. It is objectively a mess. It does not have to be like SL, it just needs to be good*. right now it is far from that.

  • As usual, we will be told that we can make our own interface by writing javascripted replacements. That’s fair enough, but it does not discount how badly the default editing UX is presently.


If the first make a simple building block UI editor for scripting things in high fidelity by simple put blocks togetheter and change some parameters. Yes then the normal user can change it. :santa:


lol @ import at a certain position. nope. you can’t specify where an item from marketplace / import (same thing) actually ends up, if its an entity. if its a script that spawns an entity you can fudge it


Joined two hours ago? Posts a few things. Says it takes less time to do something than post here?

Why didn’t you just post the script that would do it?

And don’t mind me, I’ve got no part of this, while I agree with you in some ways, I don’t in others.