How to import mixamo avatar in blender?


Wanted to compare and test a few things. But right now i cannot import normal a mixamo fuse avatar. It’s deforming complete. This same problem happens when i try to upload makehuman (SL type) avatar in secondlife. deforms too

But How do you import it in blender from mixamo fbx file. What are the settings ?

This the result sofar.

  • The rotation is wrong
  • De arms and hands are deformed


I just tried importing both the fbx format and the dae format I downloaded from the mixamo site and both worked for me … I am using v2.72


You cant it doesn’t work with blender. it will never work with blender
forget the idea of making avatars in blender.
Buy maya to make avatars its only $7k

*even if it imports looking correct it explodes when u re import it to hifi


My question is once I have created my avatar in FUSE and rigged it using mixamo, how do I then get it uploaded to high fidelity. The instructions on the tutorial said to use the tool /package model but that option is not available on the interface I have.


You don’t - the minute you take it into blender, work on it and export it becomes utterly totally impossibly unusable in HF.


what if I want to import it right from the fbx file that mixamo created? Is there a way to upload that into high fidelity?


The only method I know of is to manually upload a FST and FBX and serve via HTTP.


Just use a crappy fuze one and be happy with it.


Or exclusively via - insert hf partner name - available looks like just like you human. Madness.


So you are telling me there are no updated instructions or tutorials or vids on how to import avatars to High Fidelity?
I don’t mind reading but the only info I can find is apparently outdated.


That is typically the case here - the stock answer is something like - the rapid pace of development and change in the platform makes it difficult, if not impossible, to keep documentation up to date - or - if only someone would write it then we’d have it. As far as I know it’s still tied to the FST/FBX combo where FST maps joints in model to joints HF expects - FBX contains mesh and textures.


That does not answer where the import option is to be found on the interface though.
Why did they remove that option? And now that it is gone how do you upload?


im saying if the avatar has passed through blender it will never hifi

Mixamo ones can be imported via package model but the thread was asking about blender
which i may have mentioned will never ever work for avatar creation in hifidelity ever.ever ever ever


what I am saying is that I do not see the package model option available on the interface… where is that now? I want to import the FUSE / mixamo avatar I created… do not want to take it to blender just bring it into HF


goo to view and turn on advanced and developer
then u should find it under-tools package model

blender never ever everrrr


Thank you , I had checked developer but did not have advanced checked… that did it :smile:)


I know it b reaks. but it breaks already when i import it INTO blender.

No maya is terrible program. installed the trail… dumped it ASAP. because the fonts are terrible tiny. it’s one gigantic disorganized mess.

Every month you start to ask yourself more and more what people can do in high fidelity.
Because the functional parts and usefull parts seems to get pulled out, delay, removed or ignored.

The need to implement so many things in 8 months. good mouse support, full blender support, terrain !, day/night and what ever i forgot.

maya software. that just fit in the same category as the oclulus rift. only few people have and use it. or going to use it. High Fidleity. It feels the same as what people did say about project sansar while ago.


This remains a great sadness for me. All I wanted was to be able to mod an avatar, and I can’t.


You know this would be quite funny if it all wasnt exactly the same for the last year or more, nothing seems to change here. nothing at all. (oh except ALL the devs get amazing avatars, or should I not bring this point up?)


I’ve come to think of this as Project Iceberg. You know - iceberg - that thing that floats around with a bit sticking above water and most of its mass hidden under surface.

Considering what has been seen “above water” since I began this (September 2014) there has to be more to this than is being seen, if there’s not then it boggles the mind to consider where we were in 2k14 to where we are at opening of 2k16.