How to Landscape


I have try out again L3DT
while I would like to have a nice new landscaped area.

I chose for a Heightfield size, design map Terrain normals and a water map
It s looks good in the 3D.
In all I can save the Terrain as obj, but I got inworld just a pretty Grey area.

Do you know how to Export it as well ? obj with a mtl

Or are they new Tools for to make landscape and in advance
Water surfaces without to have/use Maya or Blender ?


The fact you see it gray could be:

  • Your texture are not found (they should be in the same folder as the “obj” )
  • You didn’t applied any texture to the model.
  • You are using a single and not repeated texture (which is limited to 2048 X 2048) and since it’s a landscape and it’s vast then you just don’t feel it.

Manage the repeating texture for a landscape that you hope be fully walkable is a tricky thing.


Thank you for the Input.
Yes after I have do some more tests as you have suggested.
I was been able to get the first Terrain, just not perfectly, while I got not inside the water Surface for now.
Over this way has it work to save
File→Export→Export optimised mesh
I will work more on it-)


Hello, over a german VR Blog I found this link with four Landscape tools which the Linden suggest there Users for Sansar. I just try out World Machine.