How to limit framate?


For soem testing i need to limit the framerate to a few options 120fps, 90fps, 60fps To see if high fidelity is running better on my 144hz monitor. I do not want to throttle my monitor back at 60hz only for high fidelity.

But right now it’s not rnning smooth at 144hz refreshrate, it makes high fidelity a bit yuck compared to the 60hz setting.

So how do i limit for high fidelioty the Frame Per Second ?


I can be wrong, but All the video games I’ve seen (SL and HF included) has a framerate that is constantly varying. So try to find a correlation this way is probably wasting your time.

I would guess more on the fact that you monitor in 144Hz is demanding 144fps to work clean.
But HF is probably not pushing always that level. (as most of the video game on a good VR level card.)
At the opposit, 60hz would always works fine, since HF is pushing more frame than 60hz can take.


Well, i just noticed the same on have experience in the other world. So it’s partly that my GF980 is old. But i need to extend it a bit.

SL i can limit in Firestorm to 120Hz or 60Hz as example. And that makes a big difference. 60Hz monitor refresh would be best for hifi and SL. but not for other things.

Would be interesting to see the results in high fidelity.

What i not understand is that VR seems most of the times more smooth then desktop at 144hz. That makes no sense for me.

Noticed just that for soem reason the rerfreshrate where down to 60hz. so i did put it back to 144hz. On earth the result with 144hz is that if you rotate things keep having hicups / interruptions. Start to blame the amount and type of content.

Teleported to national park. after the loading hicups things are pretty smooth.

Sandbox still smooth, but i get motion sick on my desktop there. Because i see the same problem as with Secondife. Something is wrong when you rortate and not super smooth.

But for now lets say it’s combination of high fidelity / content / and i think GPU (GF980)

In secondlife i need to turn of fthe framerate limitter today. But it just works bad in some way i still cannot explain good, just not enough frame. Secondlife is good to gte motion sick to.

Back to same place that did look to work bad yesterday.
To make sure it used 144hz. And sorry, it’s heavy content experience. But it kicks SL and high fidelity with keeping the framerate good. With a newer graphics card am pretty sure sansar is super smooth.

ADD: It seems (need to test in high fidelity) That the speed of turning also makes it smooth and you see things or it gives motion blur and you get sick.

Now turning in high fidelity is a bit a challange because loading lag.