How to make an entity glowing?


does anyone know when or if ‘glow’ will be possible on entities, f.e for a lamp bulp? I don’t mean just emit some light.


Do you mean also to emit light or just so that the texture ignores shadows?

You can make entities have an emit map (Fullbright) (such as in or completely ignore the lighting engine (Shadeless).

For now you need to combine a light with emit or shadeless.


Hi @Menithal, thank you. No, I am looking for a glow effect similar to the glow from SL. It’ somehow like a halo around the shape of the emitting entity.


Sound a bit for me like you want emmisive map on the texture.


What you are wanting is what is called bloom. Interface has support for it but is not hooked up to anything but a test script right now, in the running scripts library. Think called debug bloom. It effects everything that light hits in the scene and that script allows you to adjust amount, as well turn it on.


That’s it, thank you @Vegaslon I didn’t knew it’s called bloom. In SL it’s just a simple additional effect for a light emitting primitiv, but it seems, it can be used much more complex in a scene - I’ve found some cool pics about blooming in the net. Would be great, if HF would release this soon.