How to move / disable the ALT key assignment?


How to move or better disable the ALT key assignment. it’s terrible key to assign the menu too. Because you open the menu many times when you try todo soemthing else on windows like making a screen capture.

Best to move the ALT key assignment to different one. or option to disable it when youi not wear active some HMD. So interface need to detect then when you wear or not wear it and then enable or disable the ALT ket functionality. If to difficult. move key or make disable option.


That ALT key really need to moved out. i wanted to check the scipting window if it’s QML.
so you press ALT+S the result is that more things open besides the scripting window.

Do never assign menu’s etc to the ALT key !


I need to bump this again. bnecause it’s annoying. Simple solution would be to make a checkbox in the settings so you can disable the ALT key, or move it would be better.


Are two key combinations the trigger the menu. and ALT+PRINT you use pretty much.