How to move object more then 1 meter from registration point?


I placed a spher. that i want to rotate around te center.
You would think change the registration point. that works. but can only moved between 0.0 and 1.0. I would swear in the past we could change the registration point to much higher numbers.

So how can i make a entity rotate around a center point and more then .5 meters way from the center. Just see it like planets that rotate around the sun.

Why can we not change the registration point to much higher number ?


Registration point is clamped to the range 0 to 1… it’s units of measure are not meters, it’s the ratio of the entities dimensions.

So, no, it’s not possible to set the registration outside of the bounds of the entity.


The registration point isn’t measured in meters. It’s a percentage of the dimensions, with 0.5 being the exact (geometric) center of the object, 0.0 being the bottom near left (I think) and 1.0 being the upper far right (again, I think).

Granted, you could create some kind of orrery by having a bunch of planets with their registration point set to that they were all at the center of the overall set of planets, and then setting all of them to rotate, this wouldn’t be a very flexible solution. First, you wouldn’t be able to have a planet spin independently of it’s position, so the same face would always be pointing towards the sun. Second, you wouldn’t be able to have moons that rotated around the planet (well, you could, but the calculations to do so would be hideously complex and ugly).

A much better solution would be to use entity parenting. Create the sun entity, and then for each planet, create it and set it’s parent entity ID to the sun, and give it localRotation and localPosition properties to position it in the sun’s reference frame. Moons could then have a given planet parent entity, and similarly move relative to them.

If you want them to be in motion (“orbiting”) the sun at individual rates, it’s a little trickier. Either you could have a script running (ideally an AC script) which is constantly updating the positions, or you could do a little bit more with the parent child relationships and creating invisible entities to serve the purpose for each individual planet orbit.


Yes, i made mistake it’s not meters.
Still i have the diea that the registration point could be set higher in the past.

So i now need to find other way to let a object make a nice turn. Need to find my old script back. But i think that where done in complex way. and the registration point where easy solution.

Put idea on hold, until i figured out what todo.


Edit: Need to find my old scripts back and see how i did it. possible n old school way by just using position movement and some math. Everything i where hoping to avoid by using the registration point offset to make a nice curve.

Mabye i need to make my hole idea based on the older scripting. Or mabye the regitration point change is just enough todo what i want.

Back to the drawing board and test lab. :wink: