How to move stack manager data out of C:\


Afraid i hit a problem thats going to be solved at later stage. because the option need to be available if you use as example tablet or laptop with SD Card as example to run High Fidelity from.

Yes i dont want to have the stack manager data on my C:\ partition. tried hardlinking on windows but that not work today. And i really dont like to have documents or datafiles on my C:\ partition, still blame microsoft for that design flaw (why not seperate document partition ?) Asking this because C:] ius the place to lose documents and data. other partitions not or easy to backup.

So how can i terll stack manager to create all the data and escpecially svo files on different partition / drive. Best would be shame the dropped that in most application to save the stack managaser data just in the high fidelity directory. easy to find, easy to backup. and it solves the problem with people that want it on different location. high fidelity can look at start up for the directory where its installed.

Afraid for now i need todo it with c:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\

Other weird thing, why is the assignment-client not just in the stack manager directory but in the user directory instead ?