How to record/monitor while using Oculus Rift?


I noticed @chris can record a 2D view (see attached image) while using the Oculus. How can I do this on a Mac?

I tried OBS but it records the stereoscopic version, not 2D.


Not sure about a Mac but on Windows, when Interface is in rift mode, the display window remains in 2D display, hence capable of being captured by a video recorder. Is that different behavior for Interface on the Mac?


Here is a sample recording on Windows 10, Rift DK2, using Camtasia studio 8. The Interface render pipeline and the Oculus v0.8 runtime have gotten quite efficient. This was done on my ASUS ROG G73 with 460M GT.


oh god he spotted the NSA tracking bar


Strange. Seems like that feature is not enabled on Mac : (

Here is what I see when I go into HMD mode


how do you hide the face/audio monitor in HMD mode?

They are quite distracting, especially when they are red (muted)


Rift only functions correctly in HiFi on the latest runtime from Oculus. That “latest” runtime is not compatible with Mac. I don’t believe you will find success in the task you are trying to complete.


ok thanks.

what about hiding the face and microphone icons on the top left?


Indeed. Previous to the v0.8 runtime on Windows, my DK2 was completely unusable given the graphics chipset in my computer.


ok thanks @Balpien_Hammere

so if I get this computer:

I should be able to run HiFi with the Rift just fine?


No, it will run OK but marginal. I’m happy because I could at least work with my present computer. The 460M chip is bottom of the minimal requirements. Just fine would be a computer with a 970M chip, so the ASUS g752 with the 970M would be just fine. Better would be the 980, but that’s pricey.

For now, immersive VR is pricey affair.


Yeah, I wonder how long it will take for HMDs themselves to have that processing power built in…


Microsoft’s HoloLens is just that - an HMD with built-in graphics rendered and scene generator. It does however, pose large problems and limits choice when so much of the high level abstractions are implemented in the unit itself.