How to remove terrain?


I have now successfully generated height maps using L3DT and inserted into hifi.

A couple of questions:
How do I remove terrain experiments? I have several in different locations but I can’t get rid of the old ones?

The terrains that I have inserted are all white. How would I insert a terrain/heightmap that has colors, for instance, a terrain that has various shades of green?



To clear i heightfield map you go to the following section in the metavoxels editor.

To upload a terrain texture, you do that when you import the heightfield map.

Height = heightfield map
Color = the texture for the terrain.

You can later brush the terrain with the metavoxel editor with much better textures manual.
If i dont make a think error, you do that in the metavoxel editor under VoxelColor -> sculpt brush.

the line diffuse: you can add url to terrain texture. Here are a few texture you can use.
In firefox click with the right mouse button on image and choice copy image location in the menu.


@Richardus I still have not been able to remove a terrain after I insert one. I have been experimenting with inserting height maps and thence terrain chunks but I now have pieces of terrain everywhere and it looks rather unseemly.


@morrisford , You need to make sure that you are at the right grid position to. i hav e only tried it in the 0,0,0 corner.

Easy and queck solution if youi dont have anything important on the domain.
shutdown the stack manager and look for metavoxels.dat, delete that and start the stack manager again. then you need to have a domain without terrain.

Also this maby helps