How to run 2 interface clients on one pc?


It’s a bit annoying that i need to waste money and energy to run a second pc because i need top avatars for testing when one pc can do the same.

But interface is refusing to start a second time if it’s already running ?
So how can we run interface two times on the same system ?


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker , the way I worked around this is to make another user account on my Windows. And then I started the second interface with the runas command. Let me find you the batch script… (5 minutes later)… found it!

  1. Create a new windows user Eg. RichardusTwo , and you might have to password protect it to get RunAs to work, not sure.

  2. Login to RichardusTwo for the first time to get the account setup.

  3. Log back in to your main account, you can sign out of RichardusTwo

  4. Create a Batch file with the following line ( name it hifi-richardus-number-two.bat ) :
    runas /profile /user:RichardusTwo "C:\Program Files\High Fidelity\interface.exe"

  5. Double click the batchfile you just created to run it, and enter the password of Windows account RichardusTwo

  6. When Interface is loaded you could either login another High Fidelity account or the same one (High Fidelity allows you to sign in with the same account on multiple clients)

You could create as many batch files and windows users until you hit the max user amount or run out of memory (which probably happens first);

This could happen ^

Here we are in our own world ^

Let me know how it works out for you.




That is working. both with 100fps. (need to test it later at judas place.)