How to Sharpen Your HTC Vive’s Visuals with Supersampling


This is an article how to improve the image quality of the Vive - as long as the system can handle it.

Will try it later and post my experience.


For me, it is a big difference, and a huge visual improvement. Unfortunately it sucks the performance down and its not really useable. My rig: GTX 970, i7 4790, 16 GB.

Maybe one of you guys with a GTX 980, 1070 or 1080 can post his experience?


I havent gotten around testing it, but Id probably turn it off every time comming into HiFi.

Would be good to have the option within high fidelity instead and make it adaptive, sorta like of the Valve Lab Render does it in Unity.


I found now the right settings for my GTX 970, and it works smooth with renderTargetMultiplier": 1.5 and it is still a big improvement. Text is better readable, also in HF. I start HF interface via the Desktop mode, when in SteamVR.


Not going to tweak settings like that right now. It can give wrong test results with problems in high fidelity. High end cards get already pushed over the edge with normaly settings.

Also mabye with the steam client at some point things look different. But i keep this forum link, in case it’s needed for some testing.