How to start a complete blank new scene in home domain?


I want to start my own scene in my sandbox. How can I start a new one without deleting the default one.


i deleted everything after backing up the hifi folder in library-application support. that’s where everything is on the mac anyway. i was able to transplant that folder in to another machine and have the same environment i had before.


So, you delete everything in the home domain to have a blank scene?


I just move somewhere else on the domain by typing “/5000,5000,5000”, for example, after using the -enter- key (address bar). You can then make a box entity and stretch it in X and Z to make a floor for your new place.

If you place them far enough away, you can make a few on your domain that will not be visible from each other. You will have to copy the path to the new place via the menus and set it as the landing point or just remember or bookmark the location.

Doing it like this means you can still keep the default stuff and besides you should get used to doing this because your domain is large and you will want to at least make bookmarks to places on it.


how large is the domain? do the remaining elements still weigh on your bandwidth even when they are far away?


I go with +/- 16k in 3 directions. For me, once far enough away, things don’t seem to have much affect on rendering. And it seems that being far enough away, the models/assets will not be a download/bandwidth issue either.

But if there are avatars/people/NPCs etc. or scripts and stuff in another place, they will affect performance of the domain. If I am wrong about any of this someone else should correct this. I am just saying what I think is true at the moment.


In fact, I thought it could have different scene in one home domain.


So, there seems to be no options for multiple scenes?


Oops… or is it +/-32k… I would have to look. It’s been awhile since I looked. One thing though, I might avoid large numbers in positions. There can be issues with math when using small things far away… or something like that.


Go to “Hair” place. Look around. Go to “Capitola” place, look around. Go to “Avalon” place, look around. And same with “Peril”.

They are all on tiny computer in the other room here. You can see Avalon as a platform in the sky if you look. And Peril are the tall buildings in distance from the Capitola place. But Hair is far away and I don’t think can be seen from anywhere else.

You could also make multiple scenes by just changing what is visible or present. Not sure why you would want to because moving from one place to another is easy and you would probably want to preload anything that was going to be next anyway.


Additionally you can use domain paths for these. Meaning you do not have to buy new names for them either.

Such as my domain Nexus and Nexus/Lab which point to the same domain but different locations within the domain. You can set these from the domain control panel


Something like this?


Basically yes, you can add new Paths which are of specific location within the domain

Places also work similarly, but they have a whole name for them selves instead of a Path


Thanks. I am sorry but I can only give solution to one person.


No problem :slight_smile: I aint hunting for those anyway :smiley: