How to Upgrade a Domain Server Hosted on DigitalOcean?


it seems like there is a Docker image…


You can go to the website of high fidelity. Logon and go to your cload domain. You can upgrade from there.


Curious, does the upgrade overwrite existing domain content. So people need to make a backup. Or is it just likw with windows. uograde the program files only ?


If done right… it shouldn’t. What should just happen is it just shuts it down, tells Digital Ocean to upgrade/downgrade the teir, then turn it back on.

Keyword: ‘should’

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I allready did it a couple of times. Always worked. I did not have to make a back-up.


That’s nice, thanks.
Are you working on elasticity?
It would be really nice if the cloud domain could automatically scale up when there is an event to support the spike and then scale down to save costs.