How to upload a file created in Fuse to High Fidelity



Wait, why is the first video showing the unavailable-symbol? oO


Because it is still processing. It took me 7 hours to make the video because I could not record sound properly with the Interface running. I had to overdub the voice.
But if you got any questions just ask.



Gotta love modern technolo@#$%@


One of the problems I found with Fuse (aka mixamo) is that although they say you have free rigging with a free account WHAT THEY DON’T SAY is that the rigging IS STATIC and facially, it cannot be moved at all.

IF you PAY them however, the rigging WILL work. (I do believe I mentioned something about that at the last meeting)



Actually in all honesty, the moment I heard Adobe taking over Mixamo, I literally dumped any related software as there is already enough bloatware and extremely high priced software out there.

I know Mixamo didn’t (used to) cost that much when compared to Maya etc but as Adobe now owns it, the price WILL climb to the same insane proportions as their photoshop program.



Something gos wrong here. All posts from @subongo are empty for me.


Pretty sure those lotsa-white-space posts used to have a youtube video where the whitespace is. I wonder what happened to the videos. oO