How to upload and rezz mesh inword?


Its maby written and asked somewhere. But apart topic sounds good.
I have a simple mesh (no texture) converted that to fbx.
And as SLer/opensimmer you think go to upload mesh. :slight_smile:
Uhh, no upload mesh. dont want to upload attachment.

So how do you upload a mesh object (place it on webspace ?)
and how do you get it inworld ?



Hi @Richardus you would have to upload the .fbx and the textures to a webspace to host and use the editmodels.js script that @chris has provided. If you are using blender, it is critical that you export and .obj with triangulated faces, normals and use a relative pathmode.

Chris’s Script

1)File -> Export -> Wavefront (.obj)
a)Apply Modifiers
b)Include Edges
c)Write Normals
d)Include UVs
e)Write Materials
f)Triangulate Faces
g)Objects as OBJ Objects
h)RELATIVE path mode


Error: must have done something wrong.
Uploaded my test mesh to webspace. tested the link for downlload.
Copied that link into editmodels.js. it replaced the other urls in var modelURLs = [
ANd nothing happend when the script started. exc ept this error in console.

Still problems with runniong scripts, tried to stop it by pressing .
but interface chrased / stopped responding.

Back to the drawingboard i guess.


Hello :slight_smile:

apparently the script error is within the editmodels.js script, disabling it solved it for me. And I can still upload mesh. But: no matter what I try (exporting from Blender as .obj, then Autodesk FBX Converter, tried ASCII and BIN, or exporting from Blender as .fbx) all I get to see when I upload is a black sphere. The .fbx is on a webserver and the model isnt textured.

What causes this and how can I get rid of it?



Update: I tried using my DropBox as upload space, and that seems to work… but: a black blob appears and then disappears again immediately. When I check Display Model Bounds there is something there tho. I tried enlarging the models, but that didn’t work (unless I have to enlarge like a couple of hundred times…)


Hi @Kiyoshi can you take a screen shot using CMD+S (Mac) Ctrl+S (PC) and share the picture. Also can you attach a link to the FBX URL.


Hi @chris,

I didn’t expect the picture to end up in the random picture thread :smile:

So here goes again:

All three meshes should be simple boxes, I just wanted to test the mesh upload without having to make a complicated mesh first. The box is untextured and not unwrapped in Blender. I exported in Blender as .obj, checking the relevant settings. I then converted into .fbx using the Autodesk converter.

The sphere on the left:

The empty outlines in the middle and to the right:

If you need more info, just ask :smiley:



Hi @Kiyoshi I check everything out and got it working. The links you gave will not work and here is the reason why. If you click on any of those links none of them go direct to the .fbx. What I mean by this is the fbx does not download immediately within the browser. I moved it up to my S3 repository . You can try that link to see it working.

Here is your box:


Hey @chris,

thanks for sorting it out! I decided to get myself one of those repositories too, for testing purposes. It would be good if the mesh importer would give an error message when a link is given that doesn’t allow direct download within the browser.

Many thanks!



I was wondering if you were the same @chris Collins from Tipodean. Nice OAR convert tool you made. I was going to try it to convert some of the open source OARs to FBX to import to the Market Place for folks.


Hi @VR_Architect I am the same chris.